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Network upfronts: A review of how you’ll spend your Thursday nights this coming fall

by AirTalk®

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What will you be watching this fall? We review the network upfronts. Detlef Reichardt/Flickr Creative Commons

Over the past four days, advertisers were treated to flashy presentations from network TV execs on their fall season lineups. It’s the annual ritual known as the upfronts. But the subtext this year, like the last few years, is all about the health of network television.

The industry desperately needs a hit or two to stem the exodus of viewers that have flocked to cable or just plain tuned out. So just how strong of a fall television season it is going to be, Larry talks to a couple of television observers to find out.


Dade Hayes, Executive Editor of Broadcasting & Cable

Alex Weprin, Senior Editor at TVNewser


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