AirTalk for May 16, 2013

President Obama speaks on the situation regarding the IRS - DC

The White House’s growing headache

What is the White House’s strategy for dealing with the fallout? How are Republicans responding? Will Attorney General Eric Holder be the next to go?

In vitro ground beef: Growing the perfect burger

The burgers don't have the exact appearance, flavor, or texture of actual meat yet, and even if they did, consumers would still have to make a decision about whether the products were "real." How might anti-G.M.O. advocates feel about lab-made meat? Is genetically engineered food real food? How might stem cell research evolve in a way that would allow these products to be produced on a large scale and more cost effectively?
Mercer 18547
Why has the tan look sustained in the fashion world? Should the messages about skin cancer be as big and bold as anti-smoking, lung cancer campaigns of the past? What are the latest numbers on skin cancer rates?
watching tv
Over the past four days, advertisers were treated to flashy presentations from network TV execs on their fall season lineups. It’s the annual ritual known as the upfronts. But the subtext this year, like the last few years, is all about the health of network television.
Amazon has recently released 14 new pilot episodes on its website created by its Amazon Studios unit and the e-commerce site wants viewers to choose which previews the company should turn into full-on, season-long shows.
Defense attorney Mark Geragos has tried approximately 300 cases, including representing celebrities Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Winona Ryder, and Mike Tyson. He makes a case that the criminal justice system is corrupt and weighs in on the OJ Simpson trial and the Jackson family lawsuit to AEG.
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