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Marijuana propositions breakdown

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Long Beach Police raided seven medical marijuana dispensaries Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012. Several of the dispensaries operated elaborate marijuana growing facilities. Long Beach Police Department

Voters will decide the fate of pot shops in Los Angeles in Tuesday’s election when they choose between three propositions that will regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. Propositions D, E and F will either limit the number of dispensaries in the city or allow more to open with tighter regulations and higher taxes.

The vote comes two weeks after a Supreme Court decision that allows cities and counties to shut down marijuana shops, which many have already done. The city approved a ban of the shops last year that was soon repealed.

Will L.A.’s attempt to regulate dispensaries work this time? Where do people go for medical marijuana if shops are closed? What is the best way to regulate marijuana in L.A? Should it be an open market?

Frank Stoltze, KPCC politics reporter

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