AirTalk for May 22, 2013

Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayor
City Councilman Eric Garcetti beat out opponent Wendy Greuel to become the city's newest mayor. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich was unseated by former Assemblyman Mike Feuer, Monica Ratliff bested Antonio Sanchez for the 6th District seat on the Los Angeles school board, and Measure D passed with 63% of the vote.
Rick Ross

Will the real & reformed Rick Ross please stand up?

It's an L.A. story seemingly far from Studio City and Hollywood lots of a one-time drug kingpin who emerged from prison still very much an entrepreneur but stripped of criminal intent. In the new issue of Los Angeles magazine, profile writer Jesse Katz tracks Ross’ complicated navigation of life, possibly with hopes of truly making it in Hollywood.
Senate Judiciary Cmte Meets For Markup On Immigration Bill
The immigration bill passed a major landmark yesterday with a 13-5 approval vote in the bipartisan Senate. The bill will now undergo further debate in the Senate.
Vinny Del Negro

It’s a bad time to be a Los Angeles sports coach

Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro confirmed Tuesday that he won't be returning to the team next season. He is the latest in a string of LA coaches and managers who have spent time in the hot seat lately. What is in the water for LA's coaches?

Golf’s governing bodies ban anchored putting

Professional golf’s governing bodies have banned something called “anchored putting.” Tiger Woods has thrown his weight behind the move, but opponents say anchored putting doesn’t give them a competitive edge over other competitors.
Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jody Williams tells AirTalk about her new memoir that chronicles the ups and downs of her life. “My Name is Jody Williams: A Vermont Girl’s Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize,” is a book Williams hopes will spark others to pioneer change.
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