AirTalk for May 27, 2013

Grotenstein and Reback’s new book, “Ship It Holla Ballas!” looks at the legacy of the Holla Ballas, a crew of young college dropouts that collectively won $40 million in poker before they were 30 years old.

Playboy Jazz Festival artist George Duke dead at 67

The weekend of June 15-16, the annual Playboy Jazz Festival will take over the Hollywood Bowl for two full days of jazz greats, both young and old. We'll talk with two artists who will play at the festival--Gregory Porter and George Duke--who represent new and old school jazz.

How Superman became America’s real superhero

Larry Tye’s book “Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero" takes a look at the cultural history of Superman over the decades to show how the Man of Steel became an American icon.
A Path Forward: the shifting landscape of immigration reform
AirTalk's Larry Mantle speaks with stakeholders and audience members during this timely discussion about immigration reform.
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