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Successful crackdown on distracted driving, so what's the next target?

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A police officer hands out a warning to motorist who was talking on his cell phone.

The number of drivers using cell phones on California roads has been dropping, according to new statistics from the California Office of Traffic. In 2012, they estimated 10.8 percent of drivers actively using cell phones at any one time. For 2013, that number went down to 7.4 percent. The news comes after April's big crackdown on distracted driving by CHP and over 250 local law enforcement agencies across the state. More than 57,000 drivers were ticketed for talking or texting.

Since the awareness and enforcement seems to be working, what other dangerous driving habits should be policed vigorously? Is it the use of indicators when changing lanes? Cutting across multiple lanes of traffic? Driving a car desperately in need of repair?

Officer Saul Gomez, California Highway Patrol Officer in the Southern Division (Glendale offices)

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