AirTalk for May 28, 2013

The California Assembly Appropriations Committee shelved 144 bills on Friday with an eye on the state's fiscal constraints. Both houses are preparing to vote this week on California legislation.
The number of drivers using cell phones on California roads has been dropping, according to new statistics from the California Office of Traffic. Since the awareness and enforcement seems to be working, what other dangerous driving habits should be policed vigorously?
Rayen Luna Solar, 27,  33-week pregnant,

How old is too old for pregnancy?

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recently updated their recommendation to physicians, now saying that women ages 50 – 54 shouldn’t be discouraged from pursuing pregnancy using donor eggs.

Should e-cigarettes be treated like the real thing?

On Friday, the California State Senate approved a plan to add e-cigarettes to the state’s smoke-free laws, banning them from the workplace, schools, public buildings, day care centers, and restaurants. If they don’t actually cause smoke, is it fair to ban e-cigarettes from public places?
Phil Jackson
In "Eleven Rings," former Lakers coach Phil Jackson talks about the love and spirituality that helped him win games, sweep series and score numerous championships.
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