AirTalk for June 5, 2013

Amazon Fresh
Reuters reports that will offer grocery delivery — including fresh organic produce, meat and dairy — to LA doorsteps. Would you use this new service?
Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees during a game in 2012.
In a surprise feature on ESPN this morning, it came to the fore that the league is looking into lengthy suspensions of about 20 players connected to a Miami-area clinic embroiled in a performance-enhancing drug scandal.
Education reform activist Michelle Rhee tells AirTalk about her memoir and her current battles in education reform. Rhee supported California Senator Ron Calderon’s proposal to hold teachers accountable by more evaluations, and she weighs in on Governor Jerry Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula Proposal to increase funding for low-income students and English learners.

Presenting...Dustin Hoffman, Director

Veteran actor Dustin Hoffman takes a shot at directing in his new movie, “Quartet,” a film about retired opera singers living together in a retirement home.
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