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New book asks 'What do women want?'

Daniel Bergner's
Daniel Bergner's "What Do Women Want: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire" explores women's sexuality.

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When it comes to sex, society teaches us that men and women are just different. Men are driven by lust, while women crave emotional connections. Plain and simple. But in “What Do Women Want: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire,” Daniel Bergner re-examines those societal assumptions about female sexuality.

Through years of research including interviews with sexologists, sex therapists and even orgasmic researchers, Bergner found that what society says about women’s desires may be very different from reality. While we tend to believe women are more drawn to monogamy, Bergner says women may be just as promiscuous as men innately, perhaps even more so.

So while there have been movies, songs and books devoted to answering the question, Bergner’s book may serve as a breakthrough in figuring out what it is that women really want.


Daniel Bergner, author of “What Do Women Want: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire”

WHAT DO WOMEN WANT by Daniel Bergner

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