AirTalk for June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden has come forward as the source of leaked information about U.S. electronic surveillance programs. He's been hiding out in Hong Kong which has had an extradition treaty with the U.S since 1998. Was going to Hong Kong a good move for Snowden?
Booz Allen is one of thousands of firms the government has turned to for intelligence contracting, earning $1.3 billion in their latest fiscal year from intelligence work.

The White House takes aim at “patent trolls"

The Obama administration has issued legislative recommendations in a growing debate in the world of high tech intellectual property. At the heart of the debate are “patent assertion entities” (PAE’s), more commonly known as "patent trolls."
The recent exposure of national security documents relating to the NSA and PRISM spying scandals is straining the relationship between Washington and the media. Should we be worried about a media chill that could undermine the kind of investigative journalism that keeps Washington accountable?

The challenges of working for a younger boss

Gone are the days of management being a bunch of silver-haired men in pinstripes marching steadily toward retirement. The evolution of the modern workplace is picking up pace at an exponential rate, and among the new trends in the post-Great Recession economy is the increasing likelihood that your next boss will be younger than you.
Highland Park
A recent Redfin survey named Highland Park the No. 1 hottest up-and-coming neighborhood in the country. Four other neighborhoods in the L.A. area also made the list.
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