AirTalk for June 12, 2013

Should California Legislature tighten restrictions on building and enhancing firearms?

Santa Monica Shooting - Zawahri

Santa Monica Police Dept.

Santa Monica police released this screenshot of a man suspected to be John Zawahri entering the Santa Monica College library on June 7, 2013

The police are investigating details concerning the Santa Monica shootings that left five people dead. They found a AR-15 type rifle on gunman John Zawahri when he was shot. In his duffel bag, they found an upper receiver, a handgun, and firepower for the rifle and handgun. The police are still running tests on the weapons, but how will this incident affect California's gun laws that are on the Legislature floor?

Currently, SB374 proposes to expand the definition of illegal firearms to include anything with a detachable magazine. Also, SB53 wants to run background checks on those who purchase ammunition.

How easy is it to build or enhance a gun? Will this shooting affect pending legislation?

Sharon McNary, KPCC Reporter

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