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Parking in Venice anything but a day at the beach

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Some Venice residents want to allow for some restrictions on overnight parking for non-residents. Jeremy Miles/Flickr

When the issue of beach access collides with the issue of street parking, expect fireworks. Today, the California Coastal Commission is set to hear a testy debate about overnight parking spots in Venice. Some residents of Venice are asking the CCC to allow for restrictions of overnight parking for streets between the ocean and Lincoln Boulevard. Only permitted parking for residents and guests would be allowed between 2 and 5 a.m.

The Venice Stakeholders Association argue that visitor and tourist parking would not suffer because more lots will open in the wee hours to mitigate for the loss. Those opposed to the plan say it sets a dangerous precedent for who and when the public beaches are accessible.

If you hit the beach for early morning runs or late night walks, where do you park? If you live in Venice or Santa Monica, how do you deal with parking challenges? How have other beach cities dealt with this?


Mark Ryavec, long-time resident in Venice and member of the Venice Stakeholders Association; Ryavec joins us from outside the Commission hearing in Long Beach

Sara Wan, former California Coastal Commissioner; currently a land use consultant

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