AirTalk for June 17, 2013

Edward Snowden
The G8 summit began today and Edward Snowden’s leaks have many world leaders concerned. According to The Guardian, Snowden has documents that show international spying during the 2009 G20 summit in London.
Peter Lee
Peter Lee of Covered California joins Larry for a discussion about how his team plans to implement the healthcare exchange in our state.
It's a fight that pits waitstaff against other restaurant workers and proprietors. This month, a federal appeals court ruled that the Labor Department went beyond its authority when it issued regulations prohibiting the use of tips by an employer.

Iranian election: Moment of change or more of the same?

The election of Hassan Rouhani as the new president of Iran, replacing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has journalists and Iran watchers the world over wondering which direction the new leader will steer his country in.
How have terrorist attacks been carried out by men behind bars? In “The Spectacular Few: Prisoner Radicalization and the Evolving Terrorist Threat,” criminology professor and former prison warden Mark S. Hamm examines why prisoners can be radicalized.
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