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AirTalk for June 19, 2013

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Bernanke Testifies Before Joint Economic Committee On US Economic Outlook

Fed holds interest rates steady

The Federal Reserve made a statement today to keep interest rates at record lows.
Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers
The city of San Jose has filed a lawsuit against MLB accusing them of improperly keeping the Oakland Athletics from moving to the city to shield the nearby San Francisco Giants from competition. Meanwhile, Time Warner Cable is facing their own class-action lawsuit that alleges the cable provider's $11 billion deal to air Dodgers and Lakers games unfairly passes on the cost to customers without allowing them to opt out of subscribing to the games.
Rape Treatment Center 2013 Chief's Conference
With a new mayor taking office on July 1, the Dorner report due to be discussed by the Police Commission on June 25th, and the Michelle Kane murder a hot topic in the media at the moment, there’s never a shortage of topics to chew over with the top dog at the LAPD. Have a question for the Chief? Leave a comment or give us a call.

Should the US be engaging with the Taliban?

Peace talks between the US and the Taliban are set to resume Thursday after being suspended for more than a year. The talks will take place in Qatar and aim to avert civil war once combat troops from the U.S.-led coalition withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014.
The most desirable upgrade packages for new cars may be the most dangerous, according to auto safety experts. Voice-command programs are thought to be safer than using your hands to fumble through menus and buttons. However, safety experts for the American Automobile Association say that might not be so.

Only children and ‘having it all’

Can you tell if someone is an only child? Are you a parent who had a second child for the sake of your firstborn? In Lauren Sandler’s new book, “One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child, and the Joy of Being One,” Sandler set out to prove that “only child syndrome” is a myth and such stereotypes don’t exist.

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