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Will Tuesday's fatal stabbing affect Hollywood tourism?

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Hollywood Blvd. is a major tourist attraction in LA, but as Wednesday night's fatal stabbing shows, it can also be dangerous. Xiaozhuli/Flickr

A woman was fatally stabbed Tuesday on Hollywood Boulevard. Christine Darlene Calderon, 23, was walking down the Walk of Fame with a coworker when she saw a cardboard sign displayed by a group of transient men asking for money with expletives and a smiley face written on it. Calderon took out her camera to take a picture and one of the men asked her to pay $1 for the photos. When she refused, police say, the men pinned her down and stabbed her in the stomach. Calderon was pronounced dead later that day at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Three men, between 27 and 34 years old, will be arraigned today in connect to the death.

Should more be done to make Hollywood safer?  How would the incident affect tourism in the area?

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Oscar Arslanian, publisher of Discover Hollywood Magazine and past Chairman and a current board member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce  

Amie Quigley, Director Diaconal & Community Ministries, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood; Quigley works with both the long-term homeless and transient population in Hollywood

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