AirTalk for June 21, 2013

Two Republican senators drafted a proposal yesterday that might encourage others in their party to vote for the immigration bill. The senate is considering a $30 billion plan to enhance border security by adding fencing, nearly tripling the number of drones, and adding 20,000 new border patrol agents.
Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

Judges demand Governor Brown reduce prisons by 9,600

A panel of three federal judges Thursday ordered California to start making plans to reduce the state’s prison population by nearly 10,000 inmates. How can the state effectively do this without risking public safety?
Carie Charlesworth, a second grade teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic School, was fired from her job because she was deemed a "liability" after her ex-husband Martin Charlesworth violated restraining orders by driving next to the school’s campus.
"World War Z" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals
Larry and KPCC critics Wade Major, Henry Sheehan, and Charles Solomon review this week’s releases, including World War Z, Monsters University, Unfinished Song and more. TGI-Filmweek!
There are four levels of sommeliers, also known as Somms, and only those who pass the highest exam are known as master sommeliers. There are 133 Master Sommeliers in North America (201 worldwide). Of that number, 114 are men and 19 are women. Jason Wise’s new documentary, Somm, takes a look at what it takes to be a wine master.
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