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Do queer folks have more disposable income? Apparently, only in California.

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How does the economic status of LGBT couples compare with heterosexual couples? Marc Piscotty/Getty Images

The perception that two incomes and no kids give queer couples an economic edge over straight couples has been proven to be just that: a perception. The Williams Institute at UCLA has recently released a new study looking at poverty rates among lesbian, gay and bisexual people in America and finds that this group is more likely to be poor than their heterosexual counterparts. What’s more, children of same-sex couples are especially vulnerable economically.

What are the reasons behind this trend? How does gender, race, location and education play into the poverty rates of lesbian, gay, bisexual Americans? What does the LGBT population look like today in America?

M.V. Lee Badgett, research director at the Williams Institute and one of the authors of the study looking at the poverty rates among lesbian, gay and bisexual population.

Gary J. Gates, a demographer and Williams Distinguished Scholar at the Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law

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