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Full upright and locked position: Not-so-comfortable truths about air travel today

Mark Gerchick's new book, "Full Upright and Locked Position: Not-So-Comfortable Truths about Air Travel Today," tells why airports have delays, hidden fees, and security checks.

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many delays at the airport? Or why you seem to have less and less space in your seat on the plane? Mark Gerchick, former counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration, explains how flying has become such a stressful, uncomfortable and expensive experience in his book “Full Upright and Locked Position.”

In the book, Gerchick discusses what he calls “the new normal” of air travel and the changes that have been made to the industry following the September 11th attacks. Higher fuel costs and increased security led to more fees and delays for passengers. Gerchick’s book gives airline passengers an idea of what really goes on behind the scenes at airports.

Mark Gerchick, author, former FAA counsel