AirTalk for July 1, 2013

The Egyptian Army has called on President Mohamed Morsi and all political groups to resolve the country’s protests or face intervention within 48 hours. The military’s statement, which describes the protests as peaceful and calls for the people’s demands to be heard, seems to undermine the President and puts significant pressure the Muslim Brotherhood Party to take action.
Pro-life demonstrators (R) confront pro-
Shortly after Newport Beach's Hoag Hospital forged a formal affiliation with Catholic hospital, St. Joseph Health, Hoag announced it would discontinue abortion procedures.
Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

Lakers publicly beg Dwight Howard to stay

Bold, and some say, desperate Lakers billboards splashed up on Staples Center and on Hollywood Boulevard last week. They brandish an all-caps plea to Lakers center Dwight Howard: “STAY.” The billboards could be a futile effort according to an ESPN story Thursday. Is it a risky campaign?
Home Prices In March Hit Largest Gain In 7 Years
The real estate market is on fire right now. Some see it as a bubble, others think rising interest rates will drive away investors and speculators and spur real buyers afraid of getting stuck with a high interest rate into the market. But the question is, where will those new buyers come from?
Last week the crowd funding website Kickstarter was at the center of a controversy involving a project it allowed to be funded. After protests, Kickstarter offered an apology for not removing the project, but it raised questions of the site’s guidelines and how it determines projects’ legitimacy.

Not-so-comfortable truths about air travel today

Mark Gerchick, former counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration, explains how flying has become such a stressful, uncomfortable and expensive experience in his book “Full Upright and Locked Position.” What really goes on behind the scenes at airports? What would you like to see change?
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