AirTalk for July 3, 2013

Egypt Protests Intensify As Army Deadline Passes

Egyptian revolution 2.0

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has not stepped down within the 48 hour deadline, and the Egyptian army is now deploying across the capital. President Morsi's whereabouts are unknown.

Are doctors over-prescribing painkillers?

Each day about 18 women die from prescription painkiller overdoses in the United States. In a recent study released by the Center for Disease Control, prescription painkiller overdoses by women have increased by 400% in the last decade.
Child writing cursive

Should schools still be teaching cursive?

With cursive instruction already on the decline, a set of national goals for public schools do not require that students learn cursive. Some people think that makes sense, as keyboards now dominate communication and handwriting is arguably becoming obsolete. Should teachers let cursive fall by the wayside?
The federal Department of Justice says $12.5 million should be paid to victims of racially biased investigations by LA County and the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale.
Civil war reenactment
A century and a half ago today, the guns of Gettysburg fell eerily silent. The end of the bloodiest chapter in American history was over, the Confederate Army was on the run, and the end of slavery was a mere two years off.
Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures' "The Lone Ranger" - Red Carpet

Filmweek preview: The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2

Larry and KPCC critics give a Filmweek preview for July 4th. Critics Claudia Puig, Henry Sheehan and Charles Solomon review The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2. TGI-early Filmweek!
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