AirTalk for July 9, 2013

Watching news
Since you're reading this on the Internet, it may sound odd to learn that television is still the main source of news for the majority of Americans - 55% according to Gallup polling.
Single dad

Single dad households on the rise

The number of American households headed by a single father has significantly grown in the last five decades, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center. How has the role of fatherhood changed?
Fear of flying
The dramatic images of Saturday's Asiana Airlines' crash stir fears of flying, but the sober statistics of plane crashes tell a different story. So why are so many people still afraid of getting on a plane?
Certainly, overindulging your sweet tooth could lead to diabetes, obesity and other health issues, but is sugar really as bad as something like liquor? Should we consider regulating sugar?
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