AirTalk for July 10, 2013

Justice John Roberts

Does the secret work of the FISA court need fixing?

Yesterday, a former federal judge who served on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court testified about flaws in how the “secret court” operates.

The Asiana crash: does culture play a role?

There has been some speculation that Korean cultural norms played a role in the SF plane crash that killed two people over the weekend. Could a cultural dynamic have affected the pilot’s behaviors on Asiana?
A recent study in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that prescriptions for testosterone for men 40 and older rose 40 percent from 2001 to 2011. What are the side effects of testosterone supplements?
Sperm donor
A new bill proposed by California State Senator Jerry Hill aims to increase parental rights to sperm donors. What would the bill actually accomplish, and to what extent will it be able to affect a judge’s decision when contemplating custody?
Councilman José Huizar wants to revive downtown L.A.’s Broadway, and after five years of dreaming, the City Council just voted to enact the first phase of the project. How will a road diet affect traffic in downtown Los Angeles?
Who holds the record for the longest filibuster? Which Senator almost beat a man to death with a cane on the Senate floor? Sometimes it seems like the Senate makes headlines for its antics than its legislation, but according to Senate historian Richard A. Baker, the Senate is so much more than fodder for trivia questions.
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