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Mayor Eric Garcetti talks review of city’s top department heads, diversity at City Hall, and more

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Eric Garcetti delivers his speech at his mayoral inauguration ceremony on June 30th, 2013. He is the 42nd mayor of Los Angeles. Mae Ryan/KPCC

Mayor Eric Garcetti told all of Los Angeles’ department chiefs that they need to reapply for their jobs. It’s part of the new mayor’s efforts to make City Hall more efficient. The mayor wants to hear from city managers on how they can better incorporate the use of technology in how the city is run and to ensure the channels of communication between residents and government departments are open.

Job creation is another big concern for the new mayor. Garcetti has said that he wants to remake Los Angeles as the film production capital of the country and that he plans to appoint a Film Czar to achieve that aim. Larry checks in with Mayor Garcetti on those topics and more.


Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

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