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Unclear fate for immigration reform bill in Congress

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John Boehner advocates for piecemeal changes to the immigration system.

President Obama may not see an immigration bill on his desk anytime soon. Despite the Senate’s 68 to 32 vote on its comprehensive immigration bill, the House is in no rush to provide a pathway to citizenship.

House Speaker John Boehner told the Associated Press that the majority of House Republicans prefer to deal with immigration in pieces. Their priority is to firstly secure the border. In addition, the House is looking at stricter enforcement of immigration laws, increasing deportations and more temporary worker programs and visas.

Should immigration reform be comprehensive or in pieces? Will the House make any decisions on immigration reform before Congress goes on recess? Should the President campaign to quickly pass legislation for immigration reform?

Lisa Mascaro, Congressional Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Seung Min Kim, Congressional Reporter for POLITICO

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