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BREAKING: New rules to remove fire pits in Newport Beach

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Zachary Martin, Danielle Dalton and Dane Johnson of Rancho Cucomonga and Kyle Lucas of Newport Beach often spend the day at Huntington Beach and have a bonfire in the evening. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) today ruled 7-6 to create new rules for fire pits. The fire pits need to be kept 700 feet away from residential homes, according to the ruling.

The SCAQMD said this will only affect 10 percent of the fire pits, but the ruling could spell the end of fire pits in Newport Beach and Corona del Mar, though it wouldn't likely effect those in Huntington Beach.

Before fire pits are removed, however, cities that want them gone will have to apply to the California Coastal Commission for a permit. If the CCC approves the permit, pits violating the rules will be removed, but the CCC aren't likely to simply rubber stamp the legislation.

Ben Bergman, KPCC's Orange County reporter

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