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6th District City Council candidate reveals past sexual abuse

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Nury Martinez revealed she was sexually abused as a child. clcv/Flickr Creative Commons

In the midst of what has become a heated race to replace former 6th District City Councilman Tony Cardenas, one of the candidates has revealed that she was sexually abused as a child. Nury Martinez, one of the two top candidates for the council seat said yesterday that she had been repeatedly sexually abused when she was “3 or 4” years old.

The disclosure came in response to ads circulated by the other top runner Cindy Montanez. The ads claim that Martinez, a former school board member, hadn’t done enough to protect students during a series of teacher abuse scandals. Martinez called the accusation of a cover-up by the school board hurtful.

Was it necessary for Martinez to reveal that she was abused? What does this mean for the two candidates? Will it help or hurt Martinez’ chances?

Catherine “Kay” Saillant, reporter, Los Angeles Times

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