AirTalk for July 18, 2013

rolling stone
Rolling Stone's new cover story about the alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is causing some outrage over its use of the photo, which was snapped by Tsarnaev himself.
Should California get digital license plates?
Technology has made a lot of things work a lot better, faster and easier. If Senate Bill 806 gets the blessings of Sacramento lawmakers, California license plates might also get a digital upgrade.

Bisexuals hesitant to let their Pride flag fly

With massive legal and political victories recently for gays and lesbians, American society seems much more accepting of homosexual orientation. Yet, while the queer pride movement was meant to advocate on behalf of myriad sexualities, one particular group is still very much "closeted," according to new research.
Nasser al-Awlaki says a US drone killed his grandson.
On the eve of his court case commencing against the U.S. government, Nasser al-Awlaki makes an emotional plea in today's New York Times. He explains why he's suing over the drone strike killing of his son, Anwar, and his grandson, Abdulrahman.
 Is religious freedom in the military being threatened?
Congressman John Fleming (R-LA) has proposed an amendment concerning religious rights in the military to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014.This comes after a report by the Family Research Council that states religious freedom is being threatened, citing incidents where veterans were disinvited to speak at national events due to their religious beliefs.
Do you give cash as a wedding gift?
What are you getting your friends as a wedding gift? As wedding season kicks into high gear there is the topic that everyone loves to hate – the wedding gift.
Bruce Forman, a jazz guitarist and educator, is hitting the streets for a unique music festival.
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