AirTalk for July 23, 2013

The Federal government is investigating the University of Southern California over how it handled alleged sexual assault cases that were not properly dealt with by school administration.
APTOPIX Beach Weather
The battle over oil drilling is mounting in Hermosa Beach. In close to a year, the city will hold an election to decide whether or not oil drilling should return to the South Bay beach town.
Geothermal Production in the Imperial Valley has increased activities around the San Andreas Fault
There are over 10 geothermal energy plants around the Salton Sea and the vast amount of electricity they generate is making the Imperial Valley a renewable energy hub in the state.

Announcing, Prince....?

The future prince of England and potential heir to the throne still remains nameless. The country is once again at odds about the name of the baby. Right now, the odds are in favor of George. Also, The Guardian decided to allow their website users turn off all the royal baby news. Just click, “Not a royalist.”
Major League Baseball has suspended Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun without pay for the rest of the season, which equates to 65 games and an estimated $3.8 million. It is the first punishment doled out in the wake of the league’s investigation into Biogenesis, the Miami-based clinic accused of supplying performance-enhancing drugs to baseball players.
Open Adoption - 3

Baby panic averted?

Suppose you’re a woman of a certain age and you’d like to have children. Chances are you’re concerned about your ability to conceive naturally. Advice is generally to pop those kids out while you’re still young, or risk never being able to. But is the fertility news really that bad for women in their 30s?
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