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Why are women drinking more?

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Is there a stigma with moms drinking? Flickr/Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

For many women, wine is an indulgence for busy mothers who want a break, but they are not the only ones indulging. More women are drinking now than anytime in history, according to recent health studies. Women buy the majority of the wine sold in the U.S. annually, according to the wine institute.

Between 1998 and 2007, the number of women arrested for drunk driven rose 30%, while male dropped more than 7%. This is not just limited to young adults and college students, a recent Gallup poll found  10% of women 45 and 64 binge drink.  Groups like, “Moms who Need Wine,” and “OMG, I So Need a Glass of Wine or I’m Gonna Sell My kids,” have thousands of fans on facebook. Drinks are often linked to female targeted shows like the women on ‘Real Housewives.”

But why the massive growth? Some believe the rise in female drinking is due to the changing social role of women. Some social scientists link the growth to the rise in female college attendance, and women then leaving their careers to be at home.

Why are women drinking more?  Is there a greater stigma on male alcoholics than female? Do television shows impact women’s desire to drink? Is there a stigma with moms drinking?


Gabrielle Glaser, journalist and author “Her Best Kept Secret, Why Women Drink-And How They Can Regain Control”  

Christine Trice, Founder, OMG I So Need A Glass Of Wine or I’m gonna sell my kids

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