AirTalk for July 24, 2013

Is Weiner sabotaging his political career?
New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner vowed to stay in the race after revelations of additional sexual text messages sent after the original sexting scandal two years ago.
What's next for Moca?

What's next for MOCA if Jeffrey Deitch resigns?

After months of speculation, the Museum of Contemporary Art is expected to announce the departure of the museum’s director Jeffrey Deitch Wednesday.
Is there a stigma with moms drinking?

Why are women drinking more?

For many women, wine is an indulgence for busy mothers who want a break, but they are not the only ones indulging. More women are drinking now than anytime in history, according to recent health studies.
Hollywood High-rises
The Los Angeles City Council has voted to green light the proposed Millennium Tower project in Hollywood, despite a slew of last minute concerns about the seismic safety of the project.
Old couple

Letting things go is key to a longer, happier marriage

Negotiation is at the heart of how we as a culture like to deal with conflicts. From your work life to your home life, how often has the saying "let's talk about it" come up when things hit a snag? But this collective impulse runs counter to the findings of a new study.
Photographers take pictures during the p has listed the “Top 10 Automotive Failures of the Last Decade,” which include Honda’s Insight, the relaunched Ford Thunderbird and Cadillac XLR.
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