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61 percent of Americans say they work during a vacation. Do you? (Poll)

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When you go to the beach or a summer getaway, do you take your work with you? Grand Velas Riviera Maya/Flickr

You've taken a week off work. For this year's summer vacation, perhaps you've chosen to get away and relax in an exotic resort. Perhaps you've decided to venture off to new cities, new places. Or maybe you're just spending some quality time with the family or taking it easy at the beach. However you've chosen to spend your vacation, do you take your work with you?

A new survey by Harris Interactive shows that 61 percent of Americans plan on working during summer vacation. Many of those surveyed unhappily work during vacation because they feel like they can't afford to fall behind at work.

Do you work during vacation? Why or why not? Is there the stress of falling behind at work? Are smartphones your lifeline to the office or the enemy?

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