AirTalk for July 29, 2013

Pope Francis Celebrates Mass On Copacabana Beach
On a flight back to Rome today, Pope Francis said he wouldn't judge priests for their sexual orientation. Pope Benedict, his predecessor, signed a document in 2005 that said men with deep-rooted homosexual tendencies should not be priests. Is Pope Francis' message enough to rebuild a church that has suffered such a dramatic decline in Latin America and beyond?

How to create a truly bilingual household

Studies have long touted the benefits of bilingualism. It has been proven to make you smarter, more creative, and even more socially adept. And in our increasingly globalized world, speaking more than one language also provides a big leg-up in finding a job.
Is this too close for comfort? Do long distance relationships work better?

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

An estimated three million married couples in the U.S. live far away from each other, even though they rather live together. But a recent study published in the Journal of Communications, found that the separation actually doesn’t have a negative impact on their relationship.

For $155 a night: a comfier jail cell

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that seemed more like a jail? Well, revenue-hungry Fremont, California is introducing a jail that’s a little bit like a hotel. ‘Pay-To-Stay’ is a new program that is offered to misdemeanor convicts who wish to avoid the rougher and more crowded county jails.
A masked man broke into a diamond show in Cannes yesterday and snatched $136 million in jewels. Prosecutors in the French Riviera town said he snuck into the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel through French doors brandishing a handgun.

Ridding the stigma of being single

Author and social psychologist Bella DePaulo boldly and happily declares that she is single. As a woman in her late 50s, she says that being single is not just her marital status but that she is “single at heart” and being married would be “a step down.
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