AirTalk for July 31, 2013

Secretary Of State John Kerry Speaks On The Middle East Peace Process
Palestinian and Israeli negotiators agreed to another round of peace talks after meeting in Washington on Tuesday. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the two sides were committed to “sustained, continuous and substantive negotiations on the core issues” that divide them.

How you can find quality care for aging relatives

So when the time comes to find help in caring for your elderly loved ones, how do you know where to turn? What are the right questions to ask? If your relatives are in care already, how do you know what they're experiencing? Who can advocate for your needs?
Chief Charlie Beck joins AirTalk to discuss LAPD's accountability towards recent issues. What questions do you have for the Chief? Post them below.
Scott Simon
Everyone grieves differently. For some, the loss of a loved one is a sacred, private matter. For others, it helps to share the pain. Two nights ago, NPR host Scott Simon’s mother died and he chose to share the experience with his 1.2 million followers on Twitter – in real time.
According to scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, there is an estimated 700,000 trillion cubic feet of methane hydrate across the world, containing potentially more energy than discovered oil and gas combined. But the actual production of this potential energy source could take a decade, and no single approach to harvest the gas has been perfected.
A new survey by Harris Interactive shows that 61 percent of Americans plan on working during summer vacation. Do you work during vacation? Why or why not?
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