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Mortal Sins: A comprehensive look at abuse within the Catholic church

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"Mortal Sins" takes a deep look at the Catholic Church Sex Scandals

In Early February America’s largest Catholic archdiocese released files revealing more details on how church officials schemed to protect priests who were molesting children. In the last three decades, more than 6,000 priests have been accused of raping or sexually abusing children. For the last three years author Michael D’Antonio has investigated the Catholic sex abuse scandals both in the U.S. and abroad. His book, “Mortal Sins: Sex, Crime, and The Era of Catholic Scandal,” is a comprehensive look at the history of the abuse crisis. It addresses the conflict of American democratic values with the ancient view of the Vatican, and at the same time D’Antonio offers pointed analysis on the church's mishandling of the crisis.

What is the root of this crisis? What was LA’s role and place in it? How does the church redeem its image after these scandals?


Michael D’Antonio, Author “ “Mortal Sins: Sex, Crime, and The Era of Catholic Scandal”

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