AirTalk for August 5, 2013

CBS and Time Warner play brinksmanship games

Negotiations have stalled in a very public way between Time Warner Cable and CBS in their contract dispute. As of Friday, Time Warner blacked out CBS and all its affiliated channels in large markets including Los Angeles, New York and Dallas.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ar
The Republican Party is threatening to boycott CNN and NBC if the stations don’t drop special programs on potential Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. The boycott will include pulling the 2016 Republican primary debates from both stations.
Statue Of Liberty Re-Opens To The Public For First Time Since Hurricane Sandy

How can big, hip cities attract young families?

Think Manhattan or San Francisco and the images that come up are young, hip urbanites living life up. But author Joel Kotkin says cities shouldn't only be a playground for the young.
Manhunt Underway In Los Angeles After Shots Fired At Two Detectives

How can LA crack down on hit-and-runs accidents?

A report shows that 48 percent of all crashes in L.A. are hit-and-runs, compared with and 11 percent average across all U.S. cities. Despite those statistics, the report said, “There is no LAPD task force or organized city effort to address the problem.”
Imagine travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about thirty minutes without the help of Scotty. Elon Musk, the inventive entrepreneur behind Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, is envisioning a transportation tube he’s calling a “fifth mode of transportation.”

Are In-N-Out burgers overrated or worth the hype? (Poll)

In-N-Out isn't just a hamburger joint for many Angelenos, it is a Southern California cultural institution and a source of pride.
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