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Venice Beach tragedy sparks new safety measures

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How should the Venice City Council respond to the weekend's hit-and-run? Is building a barrier to keep cars off the boardwalk a good move? majunznk/Flickr

In the wake of the deadly crash on the Venice boardwalk, the Los Angeles City Council has moved to install temporary traffic barriers to prevent cars from driving onto the Ocean Front Walk as they look for a permanent solution.

There are nearly 30 streets and alleys connected to the Venice boardwalk and some of them lack any kind of traffic barriers. On Saturday, a man maneuvered around fours poles on Dudley Avenue in Venice and drove a sedan onto the boardwalk, killing an Italian tourist and injuring 12 others. He turned himself in an hour after the rampage.

City Councilman Mike Bonin says  it’s way too easy for cars to get on the Venice boardwalk as things currently stand and says there are 15 to 20 close calls a day. The council has given city officials 14 days to come back with additional safety proposals for the boardwalk.


Mike Bonin, Los Angeles City Councilman for District 11, which includes Venice


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