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How old do you want to live?

How long do you want to live?
How long do you want to live?
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The fountain of youth isn't as appealing as you might think. 

A recent Pew poll found that more than two-thirds of adults said they'd want to live to somewhere between 79-100 years old. The ideal median age is 90 years, which is around 11 years longer than the current average U.S. life expectancy, 78.7 years. 

When asked if they's like their life extended to 120 years, possibly through medical treatments that would slow aging, 56 percent of people said they wouldn't be interested. 

For one, some polled thought taking advantage of medical treatments to prolong life would only be available to the wealthy and could contribute to a continued strain on the Earth's resources. 

In addition, the U.S. census bureau says by 2050, one-in-five Americans will be 65 or older and at least 400,000 Americans will be 100 or older. 

Is 120 just too many years? Or maybe not enough? How long would you want to live if you had the choice? 

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