AirTalk for August 8, 2013

San Diego Mayor
San Diego mayor Bob Filner is being sued by his former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson for sexual harassment, but the mayor claims that, because of such intense media interest, he can’t get a fair trial in the county, and he’s requested a change of venue to neighboring Imperial County.
In the last Los Angeles city election, a bond measure to raise money for transit projects failed to pass by a hair. Measure J secured 64.72% of the vote, but needed 66.6%. State law requires local bond measures to have two-thirds of the vote, but some lawmakers want to change that.
Riley Cooper was caught on tape saying a racial slur.
During a Kenny Chesney music concert in June, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper was caught on video saying a racial slur.

How old do you want to live?

A recent Pew poll found that people said they wouldn't want to live to be 120 years old. How long would you want to live if you had the choice?

Should states set education goals by race?

Florida will start implementing education goals based on race starting this school year. The state sets different reading and math standards for students from different minority groups.
The 70’s rock band The Runaways helped pave the way for female artists of today like Madonna and Lady Gaga. The LA-based band was the first all-girl group to be signed to a major label and tour the world.
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