AirTalk for August 19, 2013

This photo taken on January 7, 2010 show
A new California bill would allow school administrators to punish students who bully online. School officials would have the power to expel students even if the cyber bullying took place off school grounds.
A student at the University of Alabama is suing Best Buy, claiming that revealing photos on her laptop were unjustifiably removed and put on the internet after she left her laptop with Best Buy’s Geek Squad technical support team for repairs.

Cable news newcomer Al Jazeera America debuts tomorrow

The first new news network to hit US airwaves in decades is making its debut on Tuesday. Al Jazeera America will have its first chance to rival CNN, MSNBC and Fox News on its own turf. The network has opened 12 bureaus around the country and is hiring more than 1,000 journalists.
Music Mogul David Geffen Gives Beach Access To Public
This week, the state legislature will wrestle with the question of whether or not the Coastal Commission should be able to impose fines. The bill, sponsored by San Diego democrat Toni Atkins, would allow the Commission to impose and collect fines without court approval, which is currently required.
Do you have a diverse set of friends?
A recent poll conducted by Reuters found that many Americans do not have friends of another race. The poll found that nearly 40 percent of white Americans and 25 percent of non-whites are surrounded by friends of their own race.

Should a suicide blog on Yahoo be given new life?

Last Thursday Kansas City sports reporter Martin Manley took his own life. That same day, he published a blog that detailed what led to his decision. Manley's sister told Slate that Manley pre-paid Yahoo to host the site for five years. However, Yahoo took down the site on Friday night citing a violation of its terms of service.
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