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Are wildfire fights in California targeting the wrong culprit?

by AirTalk

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On a hillside south of Banning, California, up to a thousand firefighters battled the blaze on August 8, 2013. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Are wildfire fights in California targeting the wrong culprit? This month’s Silver Fire devastated communities in Riverside County - destroying nearly 50 buildings, including homes, and injuring almost a dozen firefighters. The fire also seems to be challenging conventional wisdom about where wildfires start and what causes them to spread.

Cal Fire is focusing on clearing old vegetation, but the Silver Fire burned new growth. Should that alter California’s plans to fight wildfires?

Richard Halsey,  Director, The California Chaparral Institute - an organization dedicated to the preservation of native shrubland habitats, based in Escondido

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