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How can the LA Auto Show bring new wheel appeal?

by AirTalk®

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The new Porsche Panamera GTS is unveiled by race car drivers at the LA Auto Show on November 16, 2011 in Los Angeles. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Though L.A. might be notorious for being one of the most car-obsessed cities in the country, the LA Auto Show has never quite shined so brightly in the international auto world.

Traditionally in the shadow of Detroit’s auto show, L.A. organizers in 2006 moved the show on the calendar to give it more of a spotlight, though in recent years the dates have conflicted with prestigious shows in Tokyo and Guangzhou, China.

There’s also just generally been a lack of firepower at the L.A. show, with fewer major debuts at the L.A. show and often a focus on consumers rather than spectacle. But that might change in upcoming years, as show organizers attempt to bring more flare to the schedule.

A new opening exhibition will feature classic cars from Oxnard’s Mullin Automotive Museum and local custom car designer George Barris.

The Peterson Automotive Museum will also take part in the action, and more of the main lobbies will be focused on design and concepts. The show’s new manager, Terri Toennies, has experience doing big event planning in Las Vegas and is aiming to bring more “eye candy” to the exhibition, giving it a bit more pop.

The aim is to expand the show from just reaching local consumers to becoming a bigger influence on the international stage.  Will it work?


Ed Hellwig, Senior Editor, Edmunds

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