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Would painting all imitation guns a bright neon color really make Los Angeles safer?

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Two young women shoot BB guns. Should all imitation guns look less realistic? Gordon

The Los Angeles City Council proposed legislation that would require all imitation firearms such as BB devices and Airsoft pistols to have their surfaces painted a distinct color. The idea is that law enforcement would then be able to easily distinguish between imitation firearms and the real device.

The motion was first introduced in June after two officer involved shootings involving imitations firearms. Some hope the proposal would protect officers from shootings that involve toy or imitation guns. Some believe the law might have the opposite effect, as criminals could then mask their real guns by painting them bright colors. Proponents also argue that parents may have a false sense of security when giving their children brightly colored guns that they are safer.

Will a brightly colored BB or pellet gun help protect police? How will it impact firearm business?


Maria Gao, Counsel for

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