AirTalk for August 27, 2013


What should be the US's next step in Syria?

In a statement yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry called the use of chemical weapons in Syria “a moral obscenity” that demands action from the U.S. Now the question is what action the U.S. will take against Syria for crossing the “red line” President Obama outlined against the use of chemical weapons?
Gun Girls
The Los Angeles City Council proposed legislation that would require all imitation firearms such as BB devices and Airsoft pistols to have their surfaces painted a distinct color. The idea is that law enforcement would then be able to easily distinguish between imitation firearms and the real device.

Political bloggers might need to disclose financial ties

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is calling for blogger transparency. The FPPC is considering regulations that would disclose the political backings of bloggers and internet commentators.
Employees work in a monitoring office at
A spot survey by the Los Angeles Business Journal found some local employers hit with premium hikes exceeding 40 percent in the last year for workers' compensation insurance.

Huffington Post will no longer allow anonymous commenters

Starting next month the Huffington Post is putting an end to its anonymous commenters. All users will have to create verifiable accounts with the HuffPost. What led them to this decision? Will it improve the comments or scare legitimate users away?
Helping Grandmother Walk

Who will care for aging baby boomers?

Americans are facing a huge shortage of caregivers for older and disabled people in the coming decades, according to a new report released Monday by AARP.
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