AirTalk for August 28, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr.
Washington DC will be buzzing on Wednesday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. The most notable event will be at the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. once stood and sounded out his dream for racial equality. Fifty years later, President Barack Obama and former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are set to speak at this same spot and pay tribute to this historic day. This event will be broadcast live during AirTalk.
Should President Obama consult Congress before any action against Syria?

Should Congress be recalled to debate action on Syria?

A growing number of lawmakers in Washington are urging President Barack Obama to consult Congress and receive authorization before using military force in Syria. Representative Scott Rigell (R-VA) sent a letter to the White House outlining such arguments, and has at least 65 co-signatories from both sides of the aisle.
Is Governor's Jerry Brown's plan the best way to reduce the prison population in California?
Governor Brown proposes raiding state’s emergency fund to keep prisoners behind bars Governor Jerry Brown is still reluctant to release prisoners from CA state prisons to comply with judges’ orders to ease overcrowding. Brown instead is proposing that the state pay to house inmates in other facilities, including private prisons in and out of state and county jails.
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