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What's the best way to judge college grads' real value to potential employers?

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Will a post-college test help recent graduates land jobs? Flickr/CollegeDegrees360

High school students who want to sell themselves to the college of their dreams aim for high SAT scores and nosebleed-level grade-point averages. What about ambitious college students who want to land the job of their dreams?

Most grads rely on their GPAs, networking and polished resumes packed with summer job experience, volunteerism and recommendations. But can an employer really judge who is ready for the workforce based on an "A+" in Literature 401?

A newly revised test for college graduates claims to assess "work competency" and higher-order thinking skills. The Collegiate Learning Assessment, or CLA+, is catching on with some universities which will use it to figure out whether their students are ready for the workforce.

As practical as it sounds, will it greet the same criticism as the SAT? 


Roger Benjamin, Ph.D., President, Council for Aid to Education which developed the Collegiate Learning Assessment, or CLA+

Bob Schaeffer, Public Education Director, FairTest: National Center for Fair and Open Testing

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