AirTalk for August 29, 2013

What could have prevented the hackers from accessing the sites?

New York Times hack shows web security vulnerability

The New York Times website was down this week for nearly two days thanks to a “malicious external attack” by group of hackers believed to be the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The NYT breach was the latest in a series of attacks on news and social media websites—including the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, CNN and Twitter—that exposes some vulnerabilities in internet security.
Would you buy a self-driving car?
Cars come with a lot of bells and whistles nowadays, but they got nothing on what the global automobile industry at large is working on next: a car that drives itself. Indeed, the race is on for the automakers to build the first self-driving vehicle.
Will a post-college test help recent graduates land jobs?
High school students who want to sell themselves to the college of their dreams aim for high SAT scores and nosebleed-level grade-point averages. What about ambitious college students who want to land the job of their dreams?
A variety of  .electronic cigarette flavors are viewed for sale at Vape New York. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery powered devices that vaporizes a nicotine laced liquid solution into an aerosol mist which simulates the act of tobacco s

What’s the appeal of e-cigarettes?

Leonardo DiCaprio is doing it. And he’s not the only A-list celeb making electronic cigarettes look cool. The faux smokes are showing up in movies and television shows and enthusiasts known as “Vapers” even have their own convention called VapeFest, coming to Vegas this September.

How the ‘sports gene’ could be better than doping

Sometimes we can’t help but think that some people would be genetically predisposed to particular abilities. For example, very tall men often hear that they should play basketball, bulky young boys are chided to try out football, and the long-legged are encouraged to take a go at track and field.
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