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LAPD crackdown on Crenshaw cruising?

Why is LAPD stepping up enforcement this time around?
Why is LAPD stepping up enforcement this time around?

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The lowrider scene was a no-show in the Crenshaw District over the weekend. Drivers are spooked by LAPD's increased enforcement of traffic laws that began the previous weekend. Cruising along Crenshaw Boulevard is an historic LA pastime. LAPD "crackdowns" on related mishaps has a long tradition, too. Police say it's not all harmless fun. Some drivers bring race cars to spin out wheels and speed into donuts and fishtails. Car clubs that represent classic lowriders say their cars are too valuable to risk dangerous driving stunts. They also complain about a lack of dedicated space for a community with deep roots in California car culture, and cite San Diego's Chicano Park as a model for embracing the scene.

Why is LAPD stepping up enforcement this time around? Should a crackdown be more targeted at bad actors, rather than a sweeping shutdown that drives everyone away? How do businesses and residents in the district feel about cruising Sundays? Where could car clubs congregate on Sundays, if not Crenshaw?


Martin Martinez, LAPD Senior Lead Officer - 77th Division

Andre Pierson, Vice President, National Low Riders Association; Long-time member of the Individuals Car Club


 Crenshaw Cruise from this summer: