AirTalk For September 3, 2013

Obama Meets With Members of Congress

Congress debates military strikes against Syria

President Obama’s call for military action against Syria gained significant momentum today (TUES). House Speaker John Boehner and House Leader Nancy Pelosi announced their support, saying they’re convinced that Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people and that the United States should respond. But ambivalence remains in both parties and passing the resolution might be an uphill battle.
Blue Shield of California has come under fire for refusing to pay for an expensive and controversial new radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Insurers are under constant pressure to hold down costs but at the same time, patients and doctors are demanding they pay for pricey and often-controversial treatments. How do insurers decide which new treatments are worth spending top dollar?
Why is LAPD stepping up enforcement this time around?

LAPD crackdown on Crenshaw cruising?

The lowrider scene was a no-show in the Crenshaw District over the weekend. Drivers are spooked by LAPD's increased enforcement of traffic laws that began the previous weekend. Cruising along Crenshaw Boulevard is an historic LA pastime.
The CBS headquarters seen on August 2, 2013 in New York City. Time Warner Cable and CBS reached a deal over the weekend.
After a month of stalemate and brinkmanship, CBS and Time Warner have announced that they have finally reached a new broadcasting rights deal. Service in Los Angeles and other impacted markets resumed yesterday. The two companies are staying mum on the monetary terms of the new agreement.
What role does the sender of that text play if there is an accident?
If a driver gets in an accident reading a text, he or she is certainly at fault, but what role does the sender of that text play in the accident? According to a New Jersey court, the texter can be liable as well. The ruling stems from a 2009 case, in which a young man was texting with a female friend when he accidentally crossed a double yellow line and sideswiped a motorcycle with a couple on it, both of whom lost their left legs. The couple sued both the young man and the woman who sent him a text moments before the accident.
Which city do you think has the worst drivers?
What do you think is the worst city for drivers in the country? How does driving in the U.S. compared to driving in another country?
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