AirTalk for September 5, 2013

Weed Runners: A look into California’s underground marijuana trade


David McNew/Getty Images

Marijuana plants grow in Los Angeles.

The Weed Runners: Travels with the Outlaw Capitalists of America's Medical Marijuana Trade

Southern California was one of the first places to see a proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries when the drug became quasi-legal in the state. Many who had been selling illegally saw an opportunity to make a legitimate business. But just a few years later, dispensaries were forced to shut down or relocate and sellers weren’t quite sure anymore whether what they were doing was legal or not.

In The Weed Runners: Travels with the Outlaw, journalist Nicholas Schou follows people who make their living in the underground trade of marijuana and examines the grey area in California when it comes to weed and its legality.


Nicholas Schou, author of Weed Runners; managing editor, OC Weekly

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