AirTalk for September 4, 2013

Members of CodePink, Tighe Barry (L) and Medea Benjamin (2nd L) protest as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) arrives at a hearing on "Syria: Weighing the Obama Administration's Response" before the House Foreign Affairs Committee September 4, 2013 on

What options and objectives does the US have in Syria?

Today, the House Foreign Relations Committee is discussing the possibility of American military action against Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry stated emphatically if the U.S. fails to enforce its word, there will be a greater problem down the road in Syria.
What inspires the Jewish drive to give?

Jewish philanthropy’s role in shaping Los Angeles

A recent study out shows that the number one predictor that a Jewish person will give to charity is their connectedness to the Jewish community. This connection made Jews more likely to give to Jewish organizations, as one might expect, but it also made them more likely to give to non-Jewish organizations as well. Jews, the study found, were far more likely than other groups to give.
Do you like the new screens at the Hollywood Bowl, or do you prefer the old ones?
The Hollywood Bowl has added a staple to its lineup in the form of four humongous, high definition LED screens. They replace four older, less impressive screens that were installed in 2005.
Are millennials lazy or misunderstood?
A study suggests that a majority of employers say Gen Y workers (22 to 29 year olds), have poor work habits and unrealistic pay demands.
Is Bigfoot real? What about the Loch Ness monster? Or the Yeti? Legends of these mythical creatures have permeated throughout our history. We hear of Bigfoot sightings from time to time, but aside from a blurry cell phone photo, there’s no real proof that these creatures exist. So why have their stories continued to be a part of our culture?
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